Cyber Serious

A new Security breach in the Cyber World occurs fast. It is one of those things that if you blink, you will miss it. By the time we read of the latest breach, another hacker hayride is underway.

It is sad, but complacency in security is common. Oh, another bank hacked. Another corporation down for recovery; another million identities stolen. It is ridiculous.

Cyber Security Firms have been behind the proverbial eight ball from the beginning to no fault of their own. Every door that is closed, another one opens.

It was one thing when hackers were teenagers messing around showing off their prowess. Today, nations train people to do one thing: hack into systems.

I look back in admiration when it was one or two teens breaking a system because that was skill. Now, it is entire teams of people going to work as usual. For the groups that do this, I wonder:

  • Do they know who they hack and why?

  • Do the children that are taught to solve problems know they are committing crimes?

  • Does each one have a small piece of the puzzle with no clue to the design of the big picture?

Recently, Retail, Hospitality, and Travel businesses were hit by a credential stuffing attack. (This is where lists of credentials are stolen and used to access accounts.) This is only one type of attack. ONE. And Retail is the major target.

This one type of attack costs businesses billions, not to mention what it does to the poor sap to which those credentials belong. I have received three messages this year alone about my email being stolen.

I have changed my password repeatedly. I usually change passwords on a 90-day basis for important sites. Now, I am ready to change the email altogether. I cannot begin to think of how many accounts I have used for that email.

The important thing here is to be proactive about securing your accounts. Change your passwords often and make it a strong one. Don’t use the same password for everything. If you cannot remember them, use a Password Vault.

LastPass, Nordpass, Dashline, and Roboform are just to name a few. Many are free, are easy to use, and come with a password generator so you don’t even have to think up one yourself.

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