Official Launch of CyberCulture's Product Line!

Welcome to Cyber Culture’s Cyber Up! eBook Series!

It is our specific goal to present the concepts of cybersecurity in a relatable manner to enhance your understanding of digital security, and to provide you with steps you can take to strengthen your position within the world of Internet business.

Cybersecurity is a grand, yet vastly complex subject that is best understood when divided into categories and degrees of knowledge.
Securing your data and protecting your business interests is a priority. We help you do
that through understanding security in the most intimate ways.


We want to help you and your staff understand and implement cyber-conscious
methods to strengthen your stance in cyber space.


With this first book, we introduce you to some simple safety concepts that anyone can
do. However, the first book is more of an introduction to the topics that will come. These
topics will be explored in depth with steps to implement these security measures on
your own, as well as suggestions for resources to aid you in hiring experts to fulfill your
cybersecurity needs.

In this book, we discuss:

  • Smart Phones, and why they are so dumb

  • Browsers, how to secure your search from prying eyes

  • Passwords, how to simplify this nightmare

  • Computer Privacy, minimize your digital footprint

And much more!

Begin your journey with Book 1, Privacy on The Internet, and take control of your
Internet experience!